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Video from Demi

We received this video from Demi on July 24th. The day prior, after finishing her stint in the Orwellian-named restorative housing unit (RHU – a

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New Podcast Episode

Demi and Nestor have a new podcast episode up on the Patreon. They discuss the NJ Criminal Sentencing and Disposition Commission’s report and what it

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Coming Out for Pride

  Demi has always known she feels feminine. However, until this year, no one else knew. Being locked up in a men’s adult prison since

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Close Quarantanamo Bay!

Remember when we said Demi’s lawyer spooked South Woods into the endocrinology appointment by asking to make a legal call? Well, he never got that

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I Cannot Call Cell Phones

  Currently, and for several years now, the New JerseyDepartment of Corrections has banned inmates from calling cell phone numbers.In fact, inmates who place cell

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Explaining Solitary Confinement

  On December 5, 2016, Governor Chris Christie shot down an attempt to curtail the use of solitary confinement in New Jersey’s prisons, vetoing legislation

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Justice Denied

  As a young child, I suffered physical abuse in my home and began to act out. I eventually entered the child welfare system where

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