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If you want to send Demi a letter or card, know the biggest no-no is you can’t use glue, so be careful if you decide to buy an expensive greeting card. You can send her mail at:

Demetrius Minor #494475E
​Garden State Youth Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 11401
Yardville, New Jersey 08620

Even better, if you want to be Demi’s long term pen pal, sending her emails of 6000 characters or less costs less ($0.40) than a postage stamp. All you need to do is sign up for JPay where you can send not only emails, but also images ($0.80), and donations to her commissary. You can sign up for a JPay account at JPay.com or by downloading the JPay app. Demi is housed in a facility in Bridgeton, NJ and her number is 000494475E.

Because we anticipate nefarious people trying to mislead Demi into saying the wrong thing, we have asked Demi not to respond to people she doesn’t know until we can verify the intentions of the source. If you would like a response, please use the contact form below, so that we can verify your identity and intentions.

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