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Demi Is Sanctioned to 275 days of Solitary in Youth Prison

Today I was sanctioned to 275 days of solitary confinement, staff stated that they confiscated my word processor and then found pills and a flash drive in it. It has been pure hell back here in solitary, lack of food, being sexually harassed and housed around men who flash their genitals and refer to me as “he-she bitch”. I doubt that I will survive all of this.

Because of this I now have permanent loss of contact visits for 365 days. I also am no longer in the vulnerable population unit with Garden State Youth Correctional Facility, and instead I am going to be housed in solitary.

While in solitary I have lived in constant fear of my life. They call me faggots, and staff have refused to give me the things that I am entitled to. They have made this living hell.

As a woman who is transgender, I am living hell, often spending 20+ hours locked in a cell. This is hell. Truthfully no one cares. They are waiting for me to finally quit life.

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