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These last months have been a uphill battle foe me, and I did not quite know when the pain would end. Being transgender and incarcerated is not unique, but add an unplanned pregnancy into it, and surely it gets more than unique. I remember the day that I was told that I was going to be having a daughter. It was this moment of nervousness and happiness. Yet nothing could have prepared me for the moment that I saw my child’s face. It was pure beauty. For just one moment nothing mattered.

I have learned over these past months that many will never understand me, and I can not waste my time trying to get them to understand me, because what matters is that I understand me! Here I am a member of this beautiful community (LGBTQIA+) and now have the opportunity to shed light on subjects that no one wants to talk about. Having a child as a transgender women is challenging, and comes with many challenging questions and thoughts. Because all to often does society think that transgenders are supposed to fit into this one-size-fits-all category. Yet, is people like me who prove that we are simply people of all types, shapes, and colors, and together we make up a community that is unique.

My daughteris here smiling and not caring about who her parents are. She is simply happy to be here. She is a bundle of joy an happiness. I dedicate my time and focus to her, and I pray that things only get better, because I am not going away. This story continues on, and this child is only going to grow…grow to love, grow to smile, grow to be loved.

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