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To God Be the Glory

As I continue to strive for excellence, I have to acknowledge that there is a system that wishes to oppress me for being Transgender, a system that does not want to see the change that I am advocating for. Its been nearly for hears since I have been in Solitary, and today I find my self on my way back to solitary.

I have been retaliated against for asserting my rights and asking to file sexhal harassment complaints. The prison staff are hoping that these charges will break me. They are hoping that by taking my phone privileges and sending me to solitary for a year will somehow change me. I have cried, I bve felt low…. But I won’t give in. I wont give up. Sadly the abuse here and misconduct is allowed to exist with impunity.

I am proud to be apart of he LGBTQI community and, I want everyone to know that, the retaliation for speaking up us so real, its sickening. I sat in a disciplinary hearing reading a report from a prison investigator who acknowledged that while I she was investigative my sexual harassment complaint she discovered that I made a three away call to a Prison reform advocate; subsequently she issued me charges. The charges that she issued will result In 1 year lost of telephone for me, yes during this time I am not allowed to use the phone. In my head I can’t stop thinking how all I wanted was to report the officer who continued to threaten me and call me faggots. The administration which is in charge of he prison, failed to intervene. And the investigation division simply is tired of PREA complaints.

I know many of you wonder how, can a person report sexual harrasment and than be charged right? Well let me be frank, its the prisons way of saying “we don’t give a fuck”. As for the sergeant, he also was permitted to not file a complaint on my behalf on June 8th I wrote a grievance against him on a medical form, than on 6-9-20 I called my advocate to have her file a PREA complaint, next thing I know I have charges from the sergeant, he alleged I lied on him. He gave me a charge saying I perpetrated a fraud and lied to staff, this is after he told me. “Minor you really wango fuck with me?” I continued to tell him that I needed to file the PREA complaint.

Its bad guys, but I am here, and knowing that I have your support means the world to me, it does, I swear it does, I want to thank you for everything! Because I swear I have had bad negative thoughts, but there is something about knowing people are not forgetting about me and this cause which is so important.

I want all of you to know that you can help by calling central offices at 609-292-4036 and asking why LGBTQai inmates are being sent to solitary, when New Jersey Governor Murphy outlawed such conditions in July 2019 via senate bill A314.

Today, was a beautiful day, it was a day when I cried and heard chanting… A inmate worker came to my cell to tell me, that there were people on front with signs.. He said the officers were saying it was with regards to the conditions that were happening. To God be the glory!!! I watched as cars pulled up and walked to their place to protest, indeed it was a beautiful sight. That was the first time in the decade that I have been incarcerated that I have seen people rise up and speak up. I seen it, I put my ear to my window and heard the chants…. To God Be the glory!!

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