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Press Statement: Violence at EMCF


On September 10, 2021 a Inmate who was transferred from a male facility and is now housed at Edna Mahan Correctional Facility managed to viciously assault a correctional police sergeant and others. The sergeant was observed with blood dripping from his face and numerous injuries to his face.

The inmate along with 3 others have been transferred to EMCF under the facilities transgender policy; Quagee Gibbons, Zachery Hoager and Requan Rollins, have been the last inmates that the state has transferred to A womens prison from male facilities. These inmates have arrived with years of solitary time to do and one even arrived with a “Dangerous inmate” status.

For the last four months, it has been pure hell, Inmate Rollins has assaulted numerous staff, causing dozens of staff members to be injured and out on leave. More recently Inmate Hoager assaulted a nurse and ripped a flat screen television from its mount, subsequently destroying it. Inmate Rollins was involved in physical altercations with other non transgender inmates.

Some inmates have complained and reported that inmate Rollins is telling inmates that she is not transgender and is simply a gay man, others have reported that Gibbons have bragged about how easy it was to gain access to a women’s prison. These inmates now require tactical officers to escort them two and from their cells, yet they have still been housed around other inmates who have not engaged in the hell that that they have started.

NJDOC, still does not have a gender-specialist to vet transgender inmates who are asking to enter the female prison. Inmate Gibbons arrived from a Male prison and according to NJDOC.net is 6’2 and 230 pounds, the inmate has started 2 fires within the maximum security complex of EMCF.

Each time a fire is started the entire unit must be evacuated, some inmates have suffered asthma attacks from the smoke that often fills the hallway.

Inmate Rollins has attacked staff on numerous occasions, including throwing liquids at staff and threatening female officers. This inmate has been the cause of numerous numerous staff being injured.

Despite, NJDOC having a clause in its transgender policy that does allow these inmates to be sent back to a facility matching their biological birth, this has not happened, and instead the inmates are left in a place where they continue to wreck havoc.

As a transgender woman I am scared and feel like these inmates have mocked what it means to be a transgender. Transgenders are not dangerous super predators. We are human beings.

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